Nights In Lankhmar

Part I: Rat Trap

What’s happened:

  • Our Heroes were all captured for various reasons, taken to underground cells by folks of a criminal disposition.
  • An earthquake — or an unnatural simulacrum of an earthquake — shatters the cages, allowing Our Heroes freedom. Kes stabs one of the captors in the ear, a lunkhead who probably didn’t have much in his skull anyhow, but he dies all the same.
  • They discover their gear as well as a map of the city with points highlighted, but since they do not know the city well the points mean nothing.
  • With water pouring in and most exits blocked, they move to a heretofore hidden cave that had served as a ratkin nest. Now flooded, the ratkin had fled further into the caves.
  • An arrow shot and a boulder trap later, Our Heroes enter a buried tower — apparently they’ve entered the Undercity, a prior incarnation of Lankhmar that had been built over at some point in the distant past.
  • There are ratkin living in the tower, but their lease is short-term
  • Our Heroes exit via a makeshift wooden staircase built to connect the tower to the shoreside buildings of the previous Lankhmar. Also built to house a crossbow trap, but Reygar’s armor absorbs all the damage.
  • A ratkin that escaped is holding a Tanukin (named Skydara, née ‘Gladys’) hostage, knife at her throat. This lasts for about two seconds when Skydara wrests herself from his grasp by… sitting down.
  • The ratkin goes after Skydara, but the arrival of a couple of hungry hungry hippos gators cause amendments to his plan and anatomy.
  • The gators are collared, indicating a domesticated streak. The gators attack everyone viciously, indicating the streak is very, very narrow.
  • Our Heroes are victorious after a grueling fight and find a note on the dead ratkin — “You will not pass the God”. The ‘god’ in this case is a eight-foot statue of a bloated humanoid rat, which is probably Vashki, a Saytoy (saint) of Rassos .
  • There is more to explore.

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