Allegiances - Light, Shadow and Balance

The three Forces of Light, Shadow and Balance are similar to D&D’s Law, Chaos and Neutrality. Shadow is not Evil and Light is not Good, although most people prefer things of Shadow to stay a healthy distance away. Wizardry and Shamanism are magical paths intrinsically tied to Shadow, although there are many shamans and wizards commonly thought of as good people.

Evil and Good do not exist as specific Forces — you cannot “Detect Good”. However, there are demonic forces in existence, forces that are always malign. Most people and things have no detectable leaning. Once a person gains an Allegiance or becomes a Champion for one of the forces they gain an aura, detectable by magic, for that force.

House Rule – Amending the rules in MW, pp 29-30:

One’s Allegiance is only with the highest of the scores and then only if the following three rules are met:

  1. the Allegiance score is 40 or higher,
  2. the Allegiance score exceeds the next highest amount by 20 points or more, and
  3. the Adventurer accepts the Allegiance.

Allegiances - Light, Shadow and Balance

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