For the purposes of the game (and my sanity), we’ll be defining cultures very, very broadly. Presume there are variations and nuances within a given culture but for our purposes a given culture has certain sweeping characteristics.

A culture is usually tied to a particular geographical area, which in turn is usually populated by a specific People (or, in the case of the Eldfolk and Beastkin, a specific Race). Much like the real world, though, the concepts are not directly connected. A member of the Tomte race could come from a Borian cultural background and currently live in Lankhmar.

Eldfolk Cultures


Perhaps they were left behind when the Eldfolk left this world in the Mistmarch or perhaps they chose to remain. No one knows for certain… although the Babavich claim it was a choice. In either case, the Babavich withdrew into the most inhospitable forests of Newhon and detached from the Beastkin and and Newfolk. The Babavich reside in treetop dwellings or yurt villages deep within the forests. The villages are hardly crude, however, as the Babavich have expert craftworkers and trade rare herbs and woods with the Swinekin.

The Babavich are matrilineal and egalitarian. Communities run as direct democracies with informal groups of elders making decisions when required. They value independence and stoicism. The Babavich weave their written language into their artwork. Even buildings and furniture are engraved with the whorling script of poems or histories. Babavich sorcerers tie themselves to their spells by tattooing key phrases and symbols upon themselves.


Beastkin Cultures





Newfolk Cultures

Old Tomte

(gods live beneath the earth, addressed through Godwells — natural or crafted deep shafts into the earth)

Borian (Ming dynasty with a hint of Aztec)

Civerny (north Zeva, vikingy types)

Bagroshi (north Kova, Celtic-Pictish types)

Shafasi (Gemland coast, India meets Fatamid Caliphate)

Okena (southern Zeva & Kova — think medieval Russia)

Midlander (Medieval Spain/Turkey)


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