Groups and Factions

The people in and around Lanhkmar band together in various ways, either by profession, heredity, geography or common beliefs (or foes).

Nicolic Dynasty – The family of the Overlords of Lankhmar is not noble per se, and yet it holds the most direct power within the walls of the city. While the reach of the Overlord has diminished over the decades, waning as Lankhmar went from a full city-state to an independent city of the Southern Reaches, the Overlord’s authority remains absolute regarding Lankhmar’s affairs. The Nicolic family has held the title of Overlord for two and a half centuries…. although several Overlords have held the title for very brief durations. The Nicolic family name is neither matrilineal nor patrilineal but rather simply dominant; if either parent is a Nicolic, the child will be a Nicolic. (Most of the Southern Reaches is matrilineal.)

House Raud – (Rhymes with ‘loud’) A noble family of hardened warriors, House Raud is known for its discipline. Most of the family lives a martial life, focusing on duty and honor. Outsiders often consider the Rauds to be humorless stoics, but those more familiar with the family understand they make up for their grim fronts with exuberance, and invitations to the Tourneys of Raud are greatly coveted. Knights of Raud are often called away to defend the wilder frontiers, leaving Lankhmar with either the elder veterans or the very young members of the House. As such they have less sway in the day-to-day affairs of the city than House Orsov. That, and some unpublicized slight or slights committed by House Orsov, has brought the two houses close to the brink of open war.

House Orsov – A noble family of merchants and scholars, House Orsov has grown in strength by allying itself with merchants, sailors and explorers, wielding coins more than weapons as tools of conquest. Their friends consider them sophisticated and clever; foes deem them dissolute and fragile. They have done quite well in Lankhmar and are second only to the Nicolics in (official) power within the city… and some would say that their influence, while subtle, is greater than the Overlord’s. Many wizards in the Southern Reaches have Orsov blood. Outside of cities, however, they have few holdings compared to House Raud and their long-term prospects are uncertain.

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Groups and Factions

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