House Rules - Combat

(No house rules yet, so enjoy these old BRP house rules.)

_Major Wounds – Major wounds require one or two Luck rolls. If you pass the first Luck roll you take the hit point damage but not the other losses. If you fail the first roll, make a second roll. If that roll succeeds the additional penalties disappear after a successful healing treatment (Physik roll + a day of recuperation or magical healing). If you fail both Luck rolls then the wound is permanent and will require training to overcome.

In any case a character with a Major Wound will require treatment (Physik/Magic) before they can regain the HP loss from that wound.

Healing Over Time - People normally heal 1d6 hitpoints per week, not 1d3.

Special Roll to Hit - The attack does maximum damage, not double damage.

Two Weapons/Shield - is on this page here.

Combat Sequence - is on this page here._

House Rules - Combat

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