House Rules - Magic

The following Arcane Edges are available:

Alchemy (Fantasy Companion)
Magic (SW: Deluxe)
Miracles (SW: Deluxe)
Psionics (SW: Deluxe) – very rare, will need to work out a detailed background

NPCs may have other Arcane Edges — Ritual Magic is fairly common, for example.

The Power Edge “Applications” from Shaintar is available with the following changes:

Requirements: Veteran, Arcane Skill d10 (Available to all Arcane backgrounds)

You can take the following powers as Cantrips (except for Alchemy, which has no Cantrips):

Analyze Foe Armor Beast Friend
Boost/Lower Trait Darksight Detect/Conceal Arcana
Enviro. Protection Legerdemain Light/Obscure
Elemental Manipulation Speak Language Speed

House Rules - Magic

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