The City of Lankhmar

The City of Lankhmar

Think medieval Cairo and Genoa mixed with renaissance Seville, with a veneer of middle-ages Russia coating the whole. Lankhmar is a labyrinth of carts and shopkeeps cluttering narrow streets. Everyone shouts: shouts to haggle, shouts to herd, shouts to argue, shouts to laugh. If something exists in the world you can find it somewhere within Lankhmar’s walls, although the price is never certain.

Lankhmar’s government is corrupt in the same way that water is wet, but there is a strange respect for self-defense that runs throughout the Lankhmaran mindset. You have the right and duty to defend your own. A noble who threatens the city’s well-being will wind up dangling for archery practice no matter the height of his station or the count of his coin. A beggar who slays a merchant in the act of protecting what little he owns is an innocent man.

Notable Places

The Diamond Spider Tavern — For a cheap drink and cheaper thrills, there’s no better tavern in the city than the Diamond Spider.

The Silver Eel — If you’ve barely got two tin and want to get stinking drunk, this is the place to go. Just don’t think about who’s sitting next to you.

Larkspur the Leech — If your need your wounds treated or your disease eased — and you don’t want to answer many questions about the ailments — you should seek out Larkspur.

Red Earth Leatherworks — A place that provides a whole line of covert paraphernalia as well as more standard leather goods.

Cauley’s Gambling House — Cards, dice and low-impact arena games for those seeking a friendly wager.

Sagacity — The Bell Ringer’s Guild lets you know the news that’s publicly available. For all the other news people turn to Sagacity.

The Gateway — Your source for maps, gazettes and navigational charts, some of which may actually be accurate.

Findar’s Stable and Smithy — Just outside the gates, Findar’s provides solid steeds and steel. Nothing fancy but they get the job done.

Blades by Tor — If you’re in the mood for something fancy, however, Tor’s is the place. He does armor as well.

The City of Lankhmar

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