The World

(Many apologies to Leiber purists; I am making this up as I go along and may decide to cleave more closely to his work later. Many thanks to Patrick Maslen and his available work on his Nehwon campaign, which you can find right here.)

(Language note: unless otherwise specified, names and pronunciations are in Midspeech, the human tongue that originated in the Midlands and serves as the common language for Lankhmar.)

The world of Nehwon (NAY-wawn or NEH-wən, the latter preferred by the aristocracy and scholars, presumably because they’re trying impress upon everyone else that they know how to speak “correctly”) is very close to Earth-sized. It has a single moon, often called “the Eye” in honor of Adapel. It has 12 months (which are usually called “moons”) of 30 days each, with two five-day “bridges” surrounding the equinoxes:

Calendar and Seasons

  1. The Storm Bridge (Spring Equinox, New Year)
  2. Wolf’s Moon, or Wolfseye (Spring)
  3. Seed Moon, or Seedseye (Spring)
  4. Witches’ Moon, or Witcheye (Spring)
  5. Ghost Moon or… you get the point (Summer)
  6. Murder’s Moon (Summer)
  7. Thunder Moon (Summer)
  8. The Sheaf Bridge (Autumn Equinox)
  9. Satyr’s Moon (Autumn)
  10. Harvest Moon (Autumn)
  11. Mother’s Moon (Autumn)
  12. Frost Moon (Winter)
  13. Lover’s Moon (Winter)
  14. Snow Moon (Winter)

This makes for a 370 day year: 12 months of 30 days each, plus 2 bridges of 5 days each. The seasons are equivalent to Earth. New Year’s day is the Spring equinox.

The 3rd day of the bridges are extremely important days for the Midland Newfolk and the Vula, with Storm Midbridge signifying the turning of the year.



The Crowns — The largest islands north of the equator, The Crowns range from mid-temperate climes in the south to the near-arctic north. Lankhmar sits at the southernmost tip of the largest of the Crown islands, Zeva. To the west is the smaller island, Kova.

The Gemlands — The lands to the south of Lankhmar across the Strait of Tines, there is no complete map of the Gemlands. The coastal areas are shallow out for miles, full of dangerous rocks and shoals, rife with strange tidal currents that can drag a ship astray without warning. Not even Vula ships have tried to sail far enough to find the eastern edge… or so they claim. The only known route inland is through Serpent Maw Bay which terminates at the Shafaseen River delta. beyond that is a bright desert land, surrounded by mountains, the Shafaseen providing the only greenery.

Ostro — The largest known land mass (although some scryers speculate that the Gemlands are larger), Ostro lies southwest of Lankhmar across the Shrouded Sea. Ostro is divided into five geographical regions: Boria, The Midlands, Farwatch, The Stormlands, and Stonegarden.

The Midlands


The Stormlands



The Shrouded Isles



The World

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