Hail and Well Met and All That Happy Crap

Welcome to Nights in Lankhmar, our high-fantasy dungeon-crawl game. We’re setting aside intricate stories and personal tragedies for hacking and looting.

For the setting I’m using the old Lankhmar AD&D supplement, with a heavy dose of whatever other weird, pre-1990 book I’ve still got on hand. (Thanks, Flying Buffalo!)

We’re switching from Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying to Savage Worlds. I believe Savage Worlds is simpler and requires less hacking/modding/kitbashing, particularly when it comes to the magic system.

Character Creation, Rules and Tweaks

{UNDER CONSTRUCTION} Character creation rules are here – Character Creation

{UNDER CONSTRUCTION} Changes to combat rules are here – House Rules – Combat

And check the Wiki main page for other goodies.

Nights In Lankhmar

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