CharGen Summary

Chargen Cheat Sheet

You get 84 build points to spend to build your character.

You can split a die, so 1 die (1D) can become a +1 and a +2, or +1 +1 +1.

Three pips (bonuses) = 1D, so: (3D+1) + (+2) = 4D.

Purchase in order (more or less):

1) Racial package (usually 2 – 4 points)

2) Attributes: 1D = 4 build points (i.e., 3 pips = 4 build points)

  • Suggest 17 to 19 dice in Attributes, max 19 dice.
    • (Sorcerers/Priests need to buy paranormal trait so will spend more dice)
  • Min: 1D+2, Max: 4D+1

3) Skills: 1D = 1 point, & Specializations: 3D = 1 point

  • If you have Sorcery or Supplication attribute at 2D+1 or more gain 2 non-specialty skill dice to spend in the following: Healing, Read/Write, Speaking, Scholar, Investigation
  • Can put dice in different skills, split the dice into pips, etc.
    • Same goes for Specialization dice
    • Cannot specialize in any Sorcery or Supplication skills.
    • People with the Sorcery attribute should spend some skill points in the Sleight of Hand speciality Arcane Gestures.
  • Can spend just pips on a Skill/Specialization, e.g., can spend +2 pips on Hide
  • Do NOT need a “general” Skill to have a specialization skill
  • Maximum bonus of +3D overall (general + specialization)
    • E.G.: If you added 2D+2 to Melee you can only have +1 in Spec Melee: Daggers
  • Starting Maximum Roll: 4D+1 Attribute + 3D skill/spec. bonus = 7D+1 max

4) Advantages: Up to 2 points worth initially — can buy more with Disadvantages

  • People with the Sorcery attribute would greatly benefit from the Patron or Contacts Advantage at Rank 2. (Makes sense for Supplication as well but is less vital.)

5) Disadvantages: Up to 10 points worth. 1 point in Disadvantage = 1 build point.
You can spend these build points as normal keeping in mind the Attribute/Skill caps

  • people with the Supplication attribute must have at least one Rank in the Devotion disadvantage and the Employed disadvantage — but first rank doesn’t count against 10 point cap

Ads/Disads might put you over the dice cap (e.g. Trademark Specialization) which is OK.

Calculated Values:

MOVE: 10, modified by advantages/disadvantages.

BODY POINTS: Roll Physique and add 20 to the result. Treat the Wild Die as a normal die for this roll.

BASE DAMAGE: Count the dice in your Lifting skill (drop the pips) and divide by 2, round up. Example: 5D+2 Lifting would be (5 / 2) 3D Base damage.

MONEY & GEAR: To be determined, but will be based on the Trading skill.



CharGen Summary

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