Non-human Races

Non-Human Races – Packages

Gain 1 Additional Edge.

Babavich (BAH-bəh-vich)
Ancient Enemies (Racial Enmity: -4 Charisma when interacting with Wolfkin (culture))
Flowing Silently (Free d6 to Sneak)
Nimbleness (Acrobatics: +2 to nimbleness Agility rolls, +1 Parry when unencumbered)

Swinekin (SWINE-kin)
Ungainly Body (Obese: +1 Toughness, -1 Pace, 1d4 Running Die)
Keen Senses (Alertness: +2 Notice)
Exceptional Metabolism (Immune to Poison)

Tomte (TOM-tay)
Closer to the Earth (Slow: Pace 5")
Vacha’s Favor (Start with a d6 in Vigor)
Made of Sterner Stuff (+2 to Resist Environmental Effects)

Vula (VOOL-uh)
Beloved of the Clouds (Vow, Minor: Sworn Loyalty to the Clouded Shores) OR Forsaken by the Clouds (Wanted, Minor: Has -2 Charisma when dealing with Beloved of the Clouds, may be harrassed/detained)
Unhindered by Shadow (Low-Light Vision: ignore penalties for Dim and Dark)
Heart of the Shores (Nerves of Steel: ignore 1 point of Wound penalties)

Non-human Races

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