The Diamond Spider Tavern

Not the lowest dive bar in town — that’s probably The Silver Eel — the Diamond Spider is still home to bandits, thieves, smugglers and other, less reputable folk. Brawls are frequent, rumors are born and metastasize, and many underhanded deals are struck.

The specialty drink is called The Spider’s Web. The recipe’s a well-guarded secret but probably includes substances stronger than alcohol. Most people are done after one. Allegedly people don’t live long if they try to drink four. There’s no hot food but various (unsurprisingly salty) cold offerings.

The tavern’s most well-known for it’s competitive games: dagger toss, leg wrestling, howling contests, and “Twezeliewop”, which is basically a pillow-fight while standing on a log. There are plenty of pick-up gambling games as well.

The tavern’s owned by “Spider” Braz, commonly assumed to be a thief, smuggler and fence in his own right.

The Diamond Spider Tavern

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