Character Creation

Characters start with 10 Experience Points. Chances are good I’ll just build your character and we can revise it later.

If a character has an Arcane Background besides Alchemy then they must spend 5 of those points to purchase the “Cantrips” edge. (See below.)

Edges and Hindrances can come from the books Deluxe Explorer’s Edition and Fantasy Companion. I may allow Edges/Hinderances from Savage Worlds: Lankhmar. GM approval required for any Hinderance or Edge, natch.

New Edges – Power Edges

* Novice, Arcane Background except for Alchemy, One-time purchase

The character picks up two Powers from the Cantrip list (see House Rules – Magic). These powers are at half effectiveness — range, duration, damage, etc. Values are rounded down to a minimum of ± 1. The Trappings of the powers have no “mechanical” effectiveness.

* Veteran, Arcane Background, Spirit d10 OR Smarts d10

The character converts Cantrips into full-fledged powers. Any Trappings on the powers gain full effectiveness.

Character Creation

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