Character Creation

(I see how much work I did getting the Basic Role Playing Big Gold Book stuff viable… it hurts to trash it. So much rule-tweaking, so much typing…. I weep a bit. OK, moving on…)

We’re using the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition, Fantasy Companion, and Shaintar: Legends Arise Player’s Guide as our rule books. (SW, SWFC and SLA, respectively). Items from SLA need to be vetted, in that several things are specific to the setting (which we’re not using) and the specific magic system (which is really cool but doesn’t mesh well with our setting).

I plan on making your characters for you — or, more accurately, translating what we did in BRP to Savage Worlds. Therefore I won’t go over all the fiddly bits, but once I’m done with the basics I’ll have you spend your “experience”…

All characters will start with 10 experience points, netting them two of the following Advances (you can pick the same thing twice):

  • Increase an Attribute by a die type (you can only do this once during chargen)
  • Gain a new Edge
  • Increase a Skill that is equal to or greater than the linked Attribute by a die type
  • Increase two skills that are less than the linked Attribute(s) by a die type
  • Buy a new d4 skill
  • Dance, monkey. Dance.

Character Creation

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