There are four broad types of magic: Divine, Demonic, Wizardry and Sorcery. Of the three only Divine and Wizardry are commonly accessible to player characters. Sorcery is the more primitive magic common to the wilder Beastkin and Eldfolk, while Demonic is accessible to those who have soulbound themselves to a demon in return for demonic gifts.

For game-mechanic purposes (in-world name → game Arcane edge):

Divine → Miracles, (occasionally) Ritualism
Demonic → Ritualism, (occasionally) Miracles
Sorcery → Sorcery
Wizardry → Wizardry, RItualism

In other words, a priest may be able to call upon the power of the Divine according to the residents of Nehwon, but in game-mechanics terms may have the Arcane edge of ‘Miracles’ or ‘Ritualism’ (or both).

The Arcane edge Alchemy is considered its own distinct discipline: not entirely natural, not entirely divine and not entirely sorcerous. It is certainly not demonic and shares very little with wizardry apart from a reliance on formulae. (Many wizards will take up alchemy as a ‘hobby’, however, presumably because relying on formulae feels natural to them.) Most in Nehwon find very little difference between brewing up a sleeping potion or brewing up a fine mead (although the former is far rarer and more complicated, true).

Divine Magic – Some priests find they have a special connection to their god, so much so they can personally


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