Non-human Races

Non-Human Races

Tomte (TOM-tay)

Package: +2 points
Shorter Stride (R1), -2 meters to run/swim/jump. ( -1)
Hardiness (R1), + 1 Damage Resistance. ( +1)
Skill Bonus (R1), Creating (crafting, lockpicking, traps) ( +1)
Endurance (R1), +3D when performing taxing tasks (long-distance running, holding breath, etc.) ( +1)

Vula (VOO-luh)

Package: +3 points
Employed (R1), The Beloved of the Clouds (the Vula nation),
OR Enemy (R1), The Beloved of the Clouds ( -1)
Prejudice (R1), +2 to +4 difficulty interaction with Newfolk and Beastkin (less pronounced with Beastkin), ( -1).
Immunity +1D to resist poison/disease. ( +1).
Fast Reactions +1D to Initiative, three times/session take an additional action in a round. ( +3),
Skill Bonus: Reflex Skills, +1 climbing, dodge, jumping ( +1)

Babavich (BAH-beh-vich)

Package: +2 points
Prejudice (R1), +2 to +4 difficulty interaction with Newfolk and Beastkin (less pronounced with Newfolk), ( -1).
Iron Will (R2) +1D to all Mettle rolls, +2 diff to defend vs. Mettle attacks. (+2)
Infravision, counters up to +2 darkness penalty to sight-based rolls ( +1).

Swinekin (SWAHYN-kin)

Package: +2 points
Quirk (R1) Impassioned: + 3 difficulty to Con, Persuasion, and Willpower rolls in stressful situations (failing diff 10 base vs. Willpower). (-1)
Enhanced Sense (R1) Scent, +3 to Scent based rolls. (+1)
Extra Sense (R1), Discriminating Smell, can use scent to gain a +1 for other rolls when smell might come into play; does not stack with Enhanced Sense. (+1)
Immunity (R1) +1D to Physique or stamina checks to resist becoming diseased/poisoned. (+1)

The world’s a big place and there’s plenty of room for other races — catkin, bugbears, what-have-you — so if you’ve got an idea let me know and we’ll hash something out.

(Design note: I’m trying to do two things with the racial packages. First, I want to detach cultural ideas from inherent genetics. If a Vula is raised in an isolated Old Tomte community then they’d learn the cultural norms of that society. Second, I want to minimize “role railroading”, where one race is clearly the best choice for a particular character type: “If you want to be a burglar you really should be a Vula”, “If you want to be a warrior you’re best off being a Tomte”, etc. I don’t think I can eliminate the second problem entirely but I hope I can diminish it.)

Non-human Races

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