Non-human Races

Non-Human Races


1) Low-Light Vision (as per the rulebook)
2) Tough – Start with d6 Vigor
3) Squat – Has a pace of only 5".


1) Low-Light Vision
2) Agile – Start with d6 Agility
3) Answers to the People – Has Obligation (minor) to the Elven cause and may be called upon/expected to provide aid to fellow elves at any time. See Shaintar book, pg 61, for more detail.


1) Keen Hearing: While not as attuned to the night as some of the other non-human races, Babavich get +2 Notice to hear things.
2) Imperturbable: Babavich tend to remain calm and unflappable – start with a d6 Spirit.
3) Old Knowledge: Babavich start with a d6 in a Knowledge skill of their choice.
4) Foe of Wolfkin: Given long-standing territorial disputes, Babavich have a -4 Charisma when dealing with Wolfkin.
5) Cautious: Years of living in isolation and hiding from the Wolfkin have made the Babavich overly Cautious as per the Minor Hinderance.

Description: Pale and emaciated, the Babavich are a reclusive people that live — haunt, perhaps — the wilds that even Elves shun. Despite their isolation the Babavich have lore and insights that surpass the most urbane human kenning. They claim the mighty socereress Baba Yaga as one of their kin.


1) Nimble: Tanukin start with a d6 in Agility
2) Fortunate: Tanukin draw one additional Bennie per game session.
3) Outsider: Tanukin have a -2 Charisma when dealing with Eldfolk or Newfolk, and even have a -1 Charisma with other Beastkin.

If you’d like to play something not listed here — halfling, beast-kin, what-have-you — let me know and we’ll create a template for it.

Non-human Races

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